About Me

A Lifetime of Acting


I have always wanted to be an actress since I was six years old. I would watch movies and TV shows and I thought it was so fascinating how they could get into character and show such powerful emotion.

Available for Projects


I act both in TV shows and movies. I am also available for voice over acting. Please see my resumé for the details of my experience and skills.

Current Projects


I am currently working on a feature film called Toll House Horrors which I star in. To hear more of what I am up to, follow me on social media.

Height: 4'11"

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Playing age: 13-17


Aeon Century Company Film Productions |

Toll House Horrors |

Lead |

Special Skills

Some of my special skills include:

1. Horseback riding

2. Table Tennis

3. Swimming

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